9th January 2013 – litter

A small, peach coloured plastic bag, tied in a rough knot at the top, sits guiltily on the inside edge of the pavement. Left by a lazy dog-walker, it draws my attention to the scurf of litter along the side of the road. Cans squashed flat by passing cars, the sun glinting off green specks of glass from a broken bottle, bits of old cereal boxes, faded and mushy after the rain – the left over jetsam from a wave of indifference and apathy.

About Liz Terry

I love to write, and have had quite a few articles published over the years. I write non-fiction on all sorts of subjects, including my own life and what matters to me. I write a blog, called "My Random Ramblings", which you can access by clicking to view my complete profile and then clicking on the link at the bottom. I also wrote a new blog in 2013 called "The 365 Project - a photo diary in words". Intrigued? Then you need to click to view my complete profile and click on the relevant link at the bottom.
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